Essential Oils for Children
are Safe and Effective

Using Essential Oils for Children is a beautiful way to take care of your children’s health. They support immune health and do not have the unwanted side effects.

Essential oils for Children are comforting and soothing. They allow you to nurture both the physical and emotional aspects of your children’s health in a truly holistic way…through fragrance and touch.

These beautiful oils are natural “plant based medicine” and they work with your child’s body to strengthen and support health.

They are safe to use on children, babies and infants. We use them on ours…all the time, they work! See Essential Oil Safety

They are useful in supporting immune health, for the minor day-to-day aches and pains, cleaning, even cleaning and purifying the air.

Basically, there are four things to keep in mind when using oils on infants and children…

1. Dilute the oils

2. Test the diluted oil on the bottom of the feet

3. Never use the oils in the nose, eyes, or ear canal (outside of the ear is fine)

4. Use only certified pure, therapeutic grade, essential oils. This is important!

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How to Dilute Essential Oils for Children

Dilute the essential oil with a vegetable (olive oil) or carrier oil before applying. This will help to avoid skin sensitivity but will not reduce its potency.

Recommended Dilutions

Infants and small children

Dilute 1-3 drops of essential oil with 1 tablespoon (tbsp.) of carrier or vegetable oil

Children 2-5 years Old

Dilute 1-3 drops of essential oil with 1 teaspoon (tsp.) of carrier or vegetable oil

Test for Sensitivity

Massage 2-4 drops of the diluted essential oil into the bottom of the feet.

Watch for irritation and redness. If irritation should occur, wipe off with a vegetable or carrier oil. Do not use water! Water and oil don’t mix, it just spreads the oils.

Most children respond extremely well to oils without any problems. If your child has sensitive skin or is prone to respiratory sensitivity, the feet are the safest place to use oils. In fact, due to their large pores, the feet are an effective place to use oils on any family member.

If you have safely tested an oil on your child’s feet, you can test it next on the inside their arm, just above the elbow.

Once you have tested an oil on your child, without any reaction, you can apply it to other areas of the body, such as the back, behind the ears, neck, etc.

Basically, Essential Oils for Children can be applied to most areas of the body, as long as they are diluted. The exceptions are the eyes, nose, and inside the ear canal.

Essential Oils for Premature Babies

Avoid using oils directly on premature babies as their skin is extremely sensitive. You can, however, use the indirect method which does work well…

1. Place 1-2 drops of oil into your hands

2. Rub them together until almost dry

3. Hold your hands a few inches over the area on the baby’s body you want to address

4. Do not get the oils close to the infant’s eyes, nose or mouth.

The Power of Touch

Essential oils for Children support health on many levels, including physical, emotional and spiritual.

Massaging these oils, into the bottom of your child’s feet, can be a pleasurable experience that not only comforts and soothes but enhances bonding.

Science has proven that touch, in itself, is very healing. A loving touch boosts the immune system and is comforting and relaxing. When you combine touch by massaging essential oils into your child’s body you create a powerful, immune supporting energy.

Diffusing Essential Oils for Children

Essential oil diffusers create a micro fine mist that can suspend these healing oils into the air for hours. This is an effective way to get these oils into your children’s respiratory system, and throughout their entire body. When the oils are breathed in through the nose, they enter into the lungs and are absorbed into the bloodstream. They travel throughout the body to help support the immune and respiratory systems. This can be extremely therapeutic.

For additional immune support, we run the diffuser in the bedroom, while they sleep at night. I highly recommend you try it…you will be amazed!

Tea tree oil (melaleuca alternifolia) and lavender diffused together help to support the lungs.

If you have children in school, their immune systems can easily become stressed, especially during the cold months. Diffusing essential oils offers support for a healthy immune system, in addition to lungs and sinuses.

Diffusing Essential Oils for Infants and Babies

Infant’s lungs are much more sensitive than adults or children. Some oils could cause discomfort. I recommend a very light, intermittent, setting on the diffuser, to see how the baby adjusts.

Another option is to diffuse for only five minutes, then wait an additional 15 minutes, before bringing the infant into the room. This is even more important in small rooms.

Our babies and infants have done well and they have benefited from diffusing.

Some oils like cinnamon, oregano, and peppermint are very strong and it is recommended not to diffuse them until they are older.

Instructions are included when you purchase a diffuser. I personally prefer the ultrasonic diffusers that have a timer.

Ultrasonic Diffusers


Remember that diluting Essential Oils for Children before application is highly important for their safety and for comfort.

It is also important to read and become familiar with How to use Essential Oils Safely

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